24-Hour Crisis Line: (503) 325-5724

Crisis & Forensic Services

If you hare experiencing a crisis, please call the Crisis Line at (503) 325-5724.

Mobile Crisis Team

Mobile Crisis is a team of behavioral health providers who offer onsite intervention when a mental health crisis occurs. Mobile Crisis aims to help individuals resolve mental health crises and avoid unnecessary hospitalization, inpatient psychiatric treatment, involuntary commitment, and arrest or incarceration. Mobile Crisis works collaboratively with the community members of Clatsop County, hospitals, mental health outpatient services, crisis line providers, and first responders to increase the safety of individuals in a crisis.

Crisis Brochure Crisis vs. Rapid Access Advocating for a loved one During a Crisis

What Happens During 
a Mental Health Crisis

Forensic Team

The Forensic Team includes two key positions - the Forensic Aid & Assist Clinician and the Forensic Case Manager. Both positions serve justice-impacted individuals experiencing mental issues who need assistance while navigating the legal system. The purpose of the Forensic Team is to treat individuals in their home community and advocate for diversion from incarceration in order to promote ongoing outpatient care and rehabilitation.

Law Enforcement Liaison Team

A Law Enforcement Liaison’s primary duty is supporting mobile crisis intervention in collaboration and co-response with local Law Enforcement as one of the primary crisis responders for law enforcement calls and referrals. Additionally, Law Enforcement Liaisons perform outreach, care coordination, and short-term case management, often alongside Law Enforcement. 

For Urgent Needs, please visit the Rapid Access Clinic

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