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Addiction Recovery

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Substance Use Disorder, DUI, & Mandated Services Counseling

Addiction Recovery teams under the Substance Use Disorder program work with adults aged 18 and over struggling to overcome addiction. We offer a range of services to assist individuals dealing with substance use issues. We collaborate with other programs and community resources to provide comprehensive care and support throughout recovery.

We understand that each person's path to recovery is unique, and we offer various evidence-based recovery strategies to serve our client's diverse needs. These may include counseling, support groups, behavioral therapies, and medication management. Our team stays informed about the latest research to provide the most effective and up-to-date options.

Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare’s professionally trained substance use disorder counselors are here to help you redefine your path in life, with proven resources and treatment options provided in a setting free of stigma and with your comfort in mind. Whether you have been living with substance use for months, years, or decades, there is hope for recovery.

Recovery Ally

Recovery Ally is an advocacy and support peer support service provided to adults aged 18 and over. The Recovery Ally combines lived experience with specialized training to assist individuals with succeeding on their journey to a life free of substance use. From connecting individuals to appropriate resources and coordinating with providers to providing guidance and expert skills training, the Recovery Ally imparts hope, as well as helps to find the opportunities and education needed to accomplish the goal of recovery. Staff work with interdisciplinary teams, as required, to meet client needs.  

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is an outpatient program treating moderate to severe opioid & alcohol use disorder. In conjunction with counseling and peer mentoring, this service uses medication to support clients in their recovery process. Staff collaborate with knowledgeable, compassionate medical doctors from reputable facilities to aid in care for our clients. The MAT program provides a healthy, respectful environment in which clients can expect to find support in their journey to recovery. 


Treatment Court Services

Mandated treatment courts assist non-violent, justice-impacted individuals in experiencing long-term recovery through the collaboration of judges, attorneys, law enforcement, and social service agencies. Specialized programs include Mental Health Treatment Court, Family Treatment Court, Mandated Treatment, and Mandated DUII Education and Treatment.

The Clatsop County Circuit Court participates in specialty courts managed by an interdisciplinary team of legal and social service providers to meet the community's needs. 

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