Our EASA clinical team works to identify young people in Clatsop County who are experiencing psychosis and to provide the information and support they need to continue on their life path. EASA is an early intervention program serving young people who have had a first experience of psychosis within the last twelve months.
EASA serves young people, most of whom are between age 14 and 25. It is a transitional program, serving people for up to two years.

EASA clinical teams work to achieve the following:

  • Identify people who are experiencing psychosis as early as possible;
  • Establish a trusting relationship based on respect and genuine belief in the person’s ability;
  • Provide a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the person’s medical condition, strengths, goals and needs;
  • Stabilize the person’s symptoms and living situation;
  • Preserve the person’s family and informal support;
  • Help the person and family develop the skills, knowledge and social support needed to be successful in managing the condition in the long-run;
  • Successfully transition young people to ongoing supports and services in the community;
  • Continually solicit the learning of those we serve and integrate that knowledge into program development.

Some of the services offered by EASA include:

  • Rapid access to psychiatric and counseling services;
  • Education about causes, treatment, and management of psychosis; rights in employment, school and housing; and resources;
  • Support and education groups;
  • Support for vocational, educational, and independent living goals;
  • Mentor and volunteer opportunities;
  • Events which are both educational and fun in nature

For any program related questions or referrals, please contact Christie Taylor, QMHP at 503.298.7416


EASA page: easacommunity.org

EASA Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=wizard#!/easacommunity/