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The Harm Reduction Needle Exchange published: Jan. 17th, 2020

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Programs such as the Harm Reduction Needle Exchange have the power to change lives. From the Clatsop County Dept. of Public Health website: "The evidence is overwhelming that harm reduction approaches to HIV & Hepatitis C prevention among injecting drug users are effective, safe and cost-effective. The evidence of effectiveness is strongest for needle and syringe programs and opioid substitution treatment. There is no convincing evidence that needle and syringe programs increase injecting drug use. Countries that have provided extensive needle and syringe programs and opioid substitution treatment appear to have averted an epidemic, stabilized or substantially reduced the prevalence of HIV & Hepatitis C among injecting drug users."

Our county has exchanged over 550,000 needles since this program began. Please share this post and be part of an amazing effort.