Residential and Respite Services

North Coast Crisis Respite Center

The North Coast Crisis Respite Center, or NCCRC, is a 16-bed residential facility located in Clatsop County which provides short-term crisis respite services and long-term residential services to qualifying applicants.  Residents are provided with 24-hour trained staff to assist with symptom management, individual and group skills training, and assistance in the transition to future independent living.  Staff coordinate with psychiatric service providers, case managers, counselors and therapists to ensure every resident receives the services and treatment they need to experience recovery from symptoms and take the next step towards independent living.

Referrals are accepted from mental health providers.  This facility does not accept referrals from the public.  Mental health providers who have questions regarding the referral process are encouraged to email the NCCRC Program Manager at nccrcreferrals@clatsopbh.org, by phone at 971-704-4018, or by fax at 503-861-5649