Services for Adults

Here at Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare, we believe everyone deserves to live well, and the breadth of services available through our adult outpatient program reflects this conviction.  We offer comprehensive services in mental health, substance use treatment, problem gambling, pain management and more.  From the office to the community and in whatever stage of life you may find yourself, we’ll meet you where you are.  Browse through our services and find out how we are helping the residents of Clatsop County to live well. 

When it comes to meeting the needs of our community, we understand comprehensive treatment doesn’t only happen in a clinic setting.  That’s why our community-based services are designed to meet the individual needs of our clients, in and out of the office.  With supports ranging from case management and employment counseling to peer support and crisis response, we utilize our community-based programs to bring the needed services, at the needed times, without the need for a traditional office visit.  Check out our community programs in more detail below, and find out how Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare is helping people live well in our community.  

Community Support Services

Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare’s case management team collaborates with our outpatient programs to connect you with the services and resources you need.  From planning and engagement, to care coordination and skills training, our case managers are right there with you, walking beside you, ensuring you are connected to every appropriate resource to help you experience the independence and recovery you desire.  We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their goals at their pace, and our community support team is here to help you turn your goals into reality.

Assertive Community Treatment

Assertive Community Treatment, also known as ACT, is an intensive community-based program designed to care for individuals experiencing serious mental health symptoms which interfere with their ability to live in the community, participate in treatment, and manage their health independently.  ACT provides comprehensive services, including therapy, case management, individual and group skills training, substance use disorder treatment, medication management, as well as access to our supported employment program, all from one team and with services predominately occurring in the community. 

Supported Employment Program

The supported employment program at Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare assists individuals living with severe mental health symptoms to enter the workforce and meet their vocational goals.  Employment specialists provide tailored training and resources which are used to match participants with job opportunities that coincide with a person’s goals and abilities.  The supported employment program does not give a person a job, but instead provides them with the support they need to accomplish their employment goals. 

Peer Support

The power of personal experience lies in the expertise and understanding which professional training simply can’t duplicate.  Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare’s peer support specialists utilize their own lived experience and specialized training to provide support and guidance to persons on their own path to wellness.  From defining goals and strategizing, to teaching new skills and providing support, our peers employ the tools gained through lived experience to help clients attain the same level of recovery from symptoms they themselves have achieved.  

We know some of the most challenging work a person will ever do is improving their own wellness.  With convenient locations in Astoria, Warrenton, and Seaside, our outpatient services are provided in a comfortable, private environment tailored specifically to help guide you along every step of your journey.

Read more about our adult outpatient services below, or start your journey today by calling 503-325-5722. 


No two journeys are the same.  Each person who takes the steps to improve their wellness has walked a unique and winding road of experiences, and the counselors of Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare understand.  We work with you for treatment that is tailored to your needs, on your timeline, with your experience in mind.  We all have something to say, and the counseling team at Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare is listening.

Psychiatric Services

Professional.  Understanding.  Comprehensive.  When seeking the help of a psychiatrist or psychiatric nurse practitioner, you deserve to work with someone will put your health first with evidence-based medical practices that treat the whole person.  The psychiatric team at Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare can help you understand the role of medications, the possible alternatives, and assist you with understanding your health in a more comprehensive way.  Because at CBH, our goal is to help you live well. 

Problem Gambling Services

We understand the toll problem gambling can take, as well as the bravery in choosing to seek help.  Regardless of the route you may have been on, Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare’s problem gambling counselors are here to walk a path with you to a life free of problem gambling.  You will receive the education, the resources, and the treatment you need to help live the life you desire.  It’s never too late to seek help.  Call 503-325-5722 today to schedule a screening and find out how Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare can help you break the cycle of problem gambling.

Pain Management

Chronic pain is a complex and complicated experience for approximately 1 out of 5 persons in the United States.  Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare’s pain management program employs proven interventions that help our clients better manage their pain experience. We utilize a combination of educational, experiential, and body movement components which help increase a person's ability to better manage their pain.  In fact, 95% of those who complete the program have rated it as being “Very Helpful”.  Let Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare’s Pain Management Program help you to experience life in a whole new way.  

The Rapid Access Clinic

The Rapid Access Clinic is a voluntary walk-in service for adults (17+) providing case management, peer services, coordination to community resources, and referrals for substance use and psychiatric care.  Individuals meet with a skilled staff member who will triage care, with options including meeting with a peer support specialist, a therapist, or receiving an assessment to become a client of CBH.  Follow up services are scheduled as appropriate.

Individuals under 17 who are in need of an urgent appointment may visit the outpatient clinic at 486 12th Street in Astoria to be seen during normal business hours.

    The Staff:

The Rapid Access Clinic is staffed by qualified mental health professionals, peer support specialists, trauma-informed reception staff, and an admissions clerk.  The team triages clients’ needs and expedites entry into services. 

    Services At the RAC:

  • Crisis Interventions
  • Walk-in assessments for mental health and substance use 
  • Referrals to detox and residential programs
  • Drop-off site for first responders assisting persons struggling with mental health symptoms
  • Inductions into the Medication Assisted Treatment program
  • Referrals for psychiatric services

     We do not offer: 

  • Medication (Please speak with your provider regarding medications and prescriptions)
  • Detox services


If you are in need of immediate help, or if you are experiencing an emergency, please seek emergency services at your local ER, or call 911. Emergencies include but are not limited to:

  • Severe intoxication or acute withdrawals requiring medical treatment 
  • Medical issues 
  • Violent behavior

    Hours and Contact Information:

Hours:        Monday – Friday, 9:00am - 3:00pm

Phone:        503-325-5722

Fax:            503-325-8483

Address:    115 W Bond St., Astoria, OR 97103

Walkthrough Video of the Rapid Access Clinic

Printable Rapid Access Clinic Brochure

For those who have lived with a substance use disorder, choosing to seek help can be one of the most difficult and rewarding decisions of their life.  We at Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare are committed to greeting that decision with respect, understanding, and the professional resources needed to help you live well.

If you or a loved one is ready to experience freedom from the dependence of substances, call Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare today at 503-325-5722.


Your journey doesn’t have to define you.  You can define your journey.  At Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare, our professionally trained substance use disorder counselors are here to help you do just that, with proven resources and treatment options provided in a setting free of stigma and with your comfort in mind.  Regardless if you have been living with substance use for months, years, or decades, there is hope for recovery.  Make the call today and let our welcoming staff guide you to the next chapter in your journey.

Medication Assisted Treatment

The dangers of opioid abuse are well known, but for those living with an opioid use disorder it can be difficult to imagine a life free of dependence.  Medication Assisted Treatment, or MAT for short, combines counseling, behavioral therapies, and specialized medications to help people not only imagine a life free of opioids, but to live one as well.  Our treatment options are tailored to each person’s unique needs and are provided in a supportive environment of encouragement, without judgement.  Everyone deserves the chance to experience the freedom of recovery, and at Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare, we help people turn their dreams into reality.

Recovery Allies

Here at Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare, we believe people have the power to make a difference in the lives of those in our community, and our Recovery Ally Program is another manifestation of that very belief.  The recovery allies combine lived experience with specialized training to assist individuals with succeeding on their journey to a life free of substance use.  From connecting individuals to appropriate resources and coordinating with providers, to providing guidance and expert skills training, the recovery allies can help a person find the opportunities and education they need to accomplish their goal of recovery.  Wherever you find yourself on your journey to a life free of substance use, Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare is there for you, every step of the way.

Mandated Treatment Court

Mandated treatment courts assist persons convicted of criminal offenses in experiencing long-term recovery from substance use through the collaboration of judges, attorneys, law enforcement, and social service agencies.  This public health approach is an alternative to incarceration and takes aim at the root causes of criminal activity by providing resources, education, supervision, and support to assist individuals and families break damaging cycles of behavior.  Specialized programs include Mental Health Treatment Court, Family Treatment Court, Mandated Treatment, and Mandated DUII Education and Treatment. We at Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare believe everyone can experience recovery, and we are proud to partner with our community in helping everyone to live well.