The Parent Empowerment Program

The Parent Empowerment Program isa grass roots parenting program developed over the last eight years. The Parent Empowerment Program is a series of three modules containing twelve lesson plans, each about an hour and a half in length.  Parents will spend ten weeks learning basic parenting fundamentals, ways parents consciously and unconsciously give up their power and effective discipline strategies. Emphasis of The Parent Empowerment Program is placed on empowering parents to reclaim and retain their power as authority figures in their homes.  Parents, as opposed to social service agencies, are identified as the agents of change in dysfunctional family systems.

Much of the teaching focus is on the conscious and unconscious ways parents give up power. Understanding how parents give up their power helps parents avoid falling back into old patterns of dysfunctional family interaction and makes discipline strategies more meaningful and effective. The overall emphasis of The Parent Empowerment Program is helping parents change their family systems.

The Parent Empowerment curriculum recognizes that parents learn in a variety of different ways. Therefore, material is presented both visually and auditory.

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