Supported Employment

Supported employment implemented through Clatsop Behavioral Healthcare is a partnership between the individual receiving services with a CBH, the employer, co-workers in the work setting, family members, the referring agency, and the community at large.

Individuals referred to CBH’s supported employment program receive assistance in assessing their employment related skills, abilities, interests and challenges; developing an employment plan and a resume; trying out numerous jobs to identify a job match that is mutually beneficial for them and for the employer; practicing and participating in job interviews; participating in internships and/or apprenticeships to gain experience; and, once hired, job transition and maintenance to ensure full inclusion in the work environment and employer satisfaction with the new employee’s work performance.

CBH has adopted principles for implementation and practice from SAMHSA’s Toolkit as well as information from Dartmouth, NAMI and Becker and Drake’s 2003 publication- A Working Life for People with Severe Mental Illness. In addition, CBH has referenced SEP fidelity scales to assure increased effectiveness and success.