Youth & Family Services

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Our Youth and Family Services Team provides mental health counseling for children and their families. We aim to provide a welcoming friendly atmosphere for you and your children. You can begin by calling us at 503-325-5722 and asking for an assessment for your child for mental health services.


Be sure to arrive early for the assessment to complete initial paperwork. During the assessment, the assessment specialist will talk with you and your child and ask a lot of questions about your current situation, what has gone on in the past, any prior involvement in counseling services, and about symptoms to help with making a diagnosis. The specialist will involve you and your child in determining whether counseling is helpful at this time, what you want to accomplish in counseling and setting up an initial appointment with one of our qualified therapists.


The therapist will work with you and your child to develop a service plan which will include what you want to see happen and how we will know when treatment is completed. Treatment might include individual therapy with your child, therapy with one of the caregivers and the child, family therapy, in-home parenting, in-home skills building, and/or wrap-around care services. When it appears to be helpful, we can also help get your child in to meet with one of our psychiatric team members.


Our therapists are trained in a variety of evidence based therapy models and skilled at working with children who have experienced trauma of one type or another in their lives. We seek to build rapport, provide a listening, concerned attitude and give the best possible care for you and your family.